DOW Weathermate Straight Flashing9" x 100' Rolls - $15


WEATHERMATEâ„¢ Straight Flashing provides a tear-resistant seal that esists water intrusion around windows and doors. It is part of the complete
WEATHERMATE™ Weather Barrier Solutions lineup from Dow – products designed to enhance the performance of the building envelope.


WEATHERMATEâ„¢ Straight Flashing combines a blue high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film facer with a butyl rubber adhesive that forms a
strong mechanical and chemical bond to most building materials. A polymeric-coated paper release liner provides a more consistent peel than plain paper liners.

WEATHERMATE Straight Flashing contains no asphalt. The butyl rubber adhesive technology, a key component of this flashing, is considered
superior to asphalt adhesives in compatibility with commonly used building envelope caulking materials, insulated and non-insulated sheathing, housewraps and window casing materials.

Product is boxed 3 rolls per box.
Approximately 400 boxes available.