Special Purpose Liquids And Thinners For Hardwood Flooring - $22.19


Special Purpose Liquids And Thinners For Hardwood Flooring

Academy Floor offering everything needed in the Hardwood Flooring Industry. At our store you can find the best thinners and special purpose liquids you will need for Hardwood Flooring.

We carry the full line of Woca Woodcare Special Purpose Liquids - The leader of finishing products for wood floors. Woca Woodcare provides you with a complete range of wood care products for the treatment of all types of wood surfaces. All products are environmentally friendly and meet all VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations.

WOCA Wood Cleaner - 1 liter ($22.19) Or 2.5 liters for $41.99 ( Covers 2,000 - 3,000ft² per Liter)

WOCA Wood Cleaner is a Floor Prep that will open the pores of unfinished woods. Because of this fact, we recommend using our Intensive Wood Cleaner prior to treating unfinished woods.

Recommended for basic cleaning of all types of wood surfaces.

Cleaning of lye treated, soaped, and oiled as well as lacquered surfaces.

Suited for cleaning of unfinished wall and ceiling panels, furniture etc.

For unfinished, oiled, lacquered soaped wood surfaces indoor.

Prepares surfaces for additional treatment.

Basic cleaning and grease removal.

High efficiency.

Certified by IBR.

WOCA Antique Lye - 2.5 LTR ($47.99)

Antique Lye is also a low-corrosive liquid, based on sodium hydroxide, but without any pigments. Due to the permanent changing of the color of the wood itself in many wood species, colors may be achieved by preparing a wood floor with Antique Lye that are impossible to obtain with stains or dies.

WOCA Softwood Lye ($46.79)

WOCA Softwood Lye is used for lye priming of unfinished or freshly sanded interior woodwork such as floors, stairs, furniture, and panels. The priming prevents the wood from yellowing and enhances the natural grain of the wood producing a white wash finish. Softwood Lye may be used for all types of soft wood such as pine, spruce, and pitch-pine. Used on larch wood, an antique grey/brownish finish is created. Softwood Lye may not be used on hardwood.
PS! By use of softwood lye on spruce the wood may assume a greenish color which will disappear in the course of time.

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