Double door 6’ft wide x 8’ ft tall $ 2,499 included double temp glass
Single door 3’ft wide x 8’ft tall $ 1,499 included double temp glass
Although this was not a determining factor about the type of material we chose to use on our entrance doors; it is still worth mentioning.

A Texas contractor showed us pictures of an iron door which had been struck squarely and solidly by a small object, which he believed to be a rock or a golf ball. The impression was clear and about 1/8 deep. On other installations of "iron doors", we have seen dents and dinks that have also damaged doors.

Consumer should understand there is a difference between thin sheet metal and thicker steel used in the production of iron doors.
If you are looking for cheap, then sometimes cheap is what you get.

Most of the major iron door companies which produce doors tend to use 20 to 18 gauge material to cut costs, which also means cutting quality.
We use 14 gauge material for frames and for door panels, which creates a solid, long-lasting iron door. Our doors are resistant to most impacts...except maybe a truck!

If you are the installer, you should keep in mind that these doors are not light and may require an extra hand during installation.
Apermex Iron Door is proud to offer authentic wrought iron products. We only provide quality steel, templated and hand-wrought for our doors, frames, and component production.

All of our doors, frames, and thresholds are 2-part polyurethane foam filled to offer superior thermal and sound quality.
Many thresholds are aftermarket and must be cut and installed after the door is installed, which looks different than the door. This also means that the door is not completely of the same materials. Our thresholds are factory installed, fully welded, foam-filled, hammered threshold. As soon as you unpack your door frame, it is ready for installation.
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