Caterpillar Generator, firepump, irrigation - $3,800


it is Caterpillar 3208 model number
PL4927-89 196 HP. 146KW It has a peerless pump model GAEF16.
This thing only has 1416 Hours (super Low). it is located at a
Diesel place and has been there for a few years. they work
on them and have taken care of it and started frequently. the
owner of the shop was going to use it on his ranch however cannot due
to California Emmissions Regulations. This thing can irrigate 200 to
250 acres or be used as a generator (146kw) or used as a fire pump. We have a fork Life on site to load.
I know I am in California and posting this in other cities however I was hoping to locate some Mexican Exporters because I know they can use these and the price is Right.
Here are more photos call 805-914-9956