Bostik MVP4 Moisture Vapor Protection for hardwood flooring - $168


Bostik MVP4 Moisture Vapor Protection for hardwood flooring

Bostik's MVP4 is a one-part, trowel-applied, elastomeric, moisture-cure urethane membrane designed to:

Establish an anti-fracture membrane that can bridge subfloor cracks up to 1/8" prior to or after installation.

Reduce Moisture Vapor Transmission from the subfloor.

Create a Noise Reduction Barrier over the substrate.

Provides antimicrobial Protection and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew on the surface of the dried cement.

Bostik MVP4 may be used over all substrates common to hardwood flooring installations including: concrete, plywood, particle or chip board (underlayment grade), well bonded vinyl, ceramic tile, cement backer board, cement patch/underlayments, radiant heat flooring, and terrazzo.

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