Norton Abrasives 7" Sander Edger Pads - $3.95


Norton Abrasives 7" Sander Edger Pads

Norton's Sanding Edger Pads provides a cushioning effect between the machine and the sandscreen or double sided sanding pads. The Norton EdgerPads designed to prevent gouging and provide a smooth and even finish. The 1/4" thickness of the norton's sanding pads also helps prevent chattering of the machines.

Choose Between Maroon Edger Pad and White Edger Pad.

Norton Abrasives 7" Floor Sanding Edger Pads - Starting at: $3.95 @

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Features & Benefits :

Assorted grains for specific uses

Double sided

Virgin polyester and virgin nylon fibers bonded with elastic synthetic resin

Open-web construction

Norton Abrasives will meet all your rough and precision application needs. These Sanding Edger Pads are the highest performance abrasives available to the industrial community.

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