floor scraperCrain 375 Big ScraperCrain Scraper - $37.49


Crain 375 Big Scraper - Crain Scraper

The Crain scraper are the best floor scraper on the market so why settle for anything less then a Crain Tool floor scraper and get it at AcademyFloor.com NOW for the special price of only $37.49

Crain 375 Big Scraper features a wide heavy-duty replaceable blade,and a twist-lock adjustable telescoping handle. The stand-up big scraper allows the installer to avoid crawling or crouching during the job. Crain Big Scraper is a perfect tool for floor preparation work, but not recommended for heavy-duty prying floor removal work.
Crain 375 Big Scraper Specifications
Handle Length: 39" min/59" max
Blade Type: 8"
Blades Weight: 4 lbs

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