Dust Control Vacuum - $429


Dust Control Vacuum
Academy Floor featuring the Clarke American Sanders CAV 2.2 Dust Control Vacuum

It is our goal to provide the wood flooring industry with the most innovative and technology driven solutions to the issue of wood dust containment. With dust containment continuing to grow in importance, we have continued to work on new solutions for dust containment.

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1300 watts delivering 1.7 horsepower
144 CFM of suction power
Soft start design
Large 10-quart capacity tank
Disposable filter with adhesive seal
Rugged polypropylene plastic outer shell
Lumbar support for added comfort
Exhaust air directed up and away from floor and operator
Easy-to-use cord restraint
Quiet operation
Two-year warranty on parts and labor


This is a lightweight yet rugged back pack vacuum that's ideal for pre and post floor cleaning. Great for screen and re-coat applications using rotary or square buff sanders. Five-stage filtration when H.E.P.A. filter is installed. The CAV 2.2 Portable Dust Control Vacuum easily maneuvers around furniture and other obstacles and cleans all types of floors. Ideal for all surfaces and for a large variety of applications, the machine's ergonomic design and features make it the most comfortable experience can have using dust containment.

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