Water Truck/Trailer for Dust and Wildfire Support - $46,000


Price is for both units. Beyond excellent dust control and construction project tasks, this Owner-designed / professional-built rig is the most versatile and effective wildfire support water tender available.
The turning radius is equal to a crew cab pickup. The typical excuses within industry standards were eliminated to increase performance and ROI. Serious research and experienced buyers know the cost of 2 remote controlled water cannons installed represent over $11k. The auxiliary 3” pump, reducer & adapter fittings, hoses and 2 spare tires are also available only with T&T combined purchase.
•Less than 100 hrs / 2,000 miles since new truck tank PTO & related equipment installed.
•This custom designed-built truck and trailer combination will quickly and safely load 2-3 other trucks simultaneously while drafting from a water source.
•Standing or off-road capacities are Truck 2,500 gallons and Trailer 8,000 gallons. Highway capacities are 2,200 and 6,800 respectively.
•Two remote controlled water monitors/cannons are interchangeable with spray heads and used on front bumper, rear of trailer (top) and the truck tank.
•Simultaneously load both units from a hydrant with available fittings and hoses.
1998 (class 7) FL70 4 door CREW CAB Truck may be sold separately for $31,500.00.
•Truck has U S Forest Service required 4 inch gravity drop with side 1.5 inch hose connection.
•On accurate compaction, initial roadside shoulder fire attack or dust control, this unit, with two active water cannons and one active spray head, will outlast and out-perform others.
•2,500 gallon tank, Cummins 250 hp. with 9 speed trans., and 4:11 rear end.
•A 30,000 lb rated 2-5/16 inch ball is installed for pulling a gooseneck equipment trailer.

1993 3 axle 8,000 gallon capacity Water Trailer. Trailer may be sold separately for $14,500.00.
•Pintle hitch / 31ft tank length with 11ft tongue / GVWR 54,000 / new brakes and wet bearings.
•Dual purpose configured to load/deliver water with truck PTO or separately to draft & load trucks using an auxiliary pump.
•Wired & plumbed for remote water cannon or spray head on top rear. (Cam lock coupling)
•Center driver’s side valve for hydrant loading and top hole for overhead downspout loading.
Payment terms are cash in hand only.