Simpson StrongTie Steel Joist Hangers,14 Gauge - $3


We have 200 boxes (50 per box) of the Simpson StrongTie Steel Joist Hangers, S/JCT8-14, in 14 Gauge steel, plus dozens of loose hangers.

Suggested Retail is $4.56 per hanger.
Our price is $3.00 per hanger.
Bulk discounts begin at 10 boxes.


* Uni-directional: Joist can be attached from left or right
* One size fits joists 8" through 14" deep.
* Optional holes for additional load capacity.
* Simplicity of design.
* Quick and easy installation.
* Field skewable up to 45° left or right.

The S/JCT8-14 hanger offers flexibility in design & ease of installation for use with C-Joists from 8" -14" deep. Joist can be attached from either side or doubled up. This hanger can be used with either steel or wood headers.


* Attach hanger with specified fasteners. Use round holes for minimum load, use round and triangle holes for maximum load.
* May be used for weld-on applications. The minimum required weld to the top flange is 1/8" x 2 1/2" fillet weld to each side of top flange. Consult the code for special considerations when welding galvanized steel.

Pick up is preferred and we have a loading area. Delivery is a possibility for bulk orders within the Bay Area, please call.

If you have any questions, please call Lauren at 415.376.3112