Central Water Whole Home Filtration System 38208 - $280


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The Kenmore Elite Central Water Whole Home Filtration System reduces unpleasant chlorine tastes and odors from the water throughout your home. You can have filtered water...from your kitchen faucet for food and drink preparation, in the bath and shower to reduce chlorine's effect on your skin and hair, and at every bathroom sink for brushing your teeth. ◦Based on NSF rated capacity, the system has an estimated useful life of over 10 years, NSF rated capacity is 570,000 gallons ◦Never change the filter with self-cleaning filter ◦Prevents large particles of sediment from entering your home's plumbing system and other appliances ◦High performance valve helps maintain the necessary water flow to your home ◦The system is powered by an ENERGY STAR® qualified adapter - energy savings for a better environment.

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