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Carpet Extraction Cleaner and Carpet spot Cleaner; Window Cleaner; Super Glue; Clothes Lines and Clips; Mouse Traps Large and Small; Batteries Assorted Sizes; Roach Bait; Mops and Mop Heads; Plastic Drop Clothes; Gas Log Cleaner; Sand Paper; Paint Brushes; Drain Opener; Oxy Multi Surface; Orange and Lemon Cleaner; Trash Bags; Wire Brushes; Vaccum Bags; Bungee Cords; Sponges; Dust Pans w/ Brushes.
$1.00 AND UP
“Pick Up Only
Items are first come first serve
Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a non-profit retail outlet specializing in the resale of quality new and used furniture, appliances and building supplies at discounted prices.

Frederick ReStore
622 North Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-662-2988
Website: restore.frederickhabitat.org