Castle for sale - $1


FOR SALE (Giant medieval castle} Castle front has Two Towers, Chain driven Working Drawbridge, 2 fueled torches, Battlement bridge, One barred jail door jail, one wood door jail with wood beam lock, A one man operable turnstyle for bridge operation, A 36" two story staircase to battlement and tower area. All 2x6 &2x8 wood construction makes this a very sturdy and durable structure. Stands 16' tall, 38' wide and 12' thick, with 200' lf of 2x6 walls standing 6 and 7' tall. Side wall has a steel rod pivot door for concealed exits. With 12'x 12' fighting areas in each tower, the scalloped walls are only five feet tall in the front and 4' tall in the rear, 9' x 9' x 10' jails have 3'x 7' doors that will lock to hold your toughest of blastphemers, the 8'w x 10' h drawbridge is strong enough to drive a heavy cart or truck over and can be raised or lowered across the deepest of moats. The exterior is made of 1" plywood planks on top of 1/2" plywood sheeting for design and strength. The surface is painted primer grey and could be vaneered, painted or prepared to meet any needs. The rough finish on the exterior can be altered to your needs and finished in almost anything from brick, rock, slate, wood or even tile. The structure took 4 months to construct and is estimated to have over $13,000 worth of materials in it. I can relocate to your property or storage area in pieces or reconstruct on your site with proper permitting. It can be taken apart in sections ready for storage or reassembly. This is not a kit, thier are no blue brints or hard to read instructions. I can create plans or guides. I designed this myself as I collected materials to build as a halloween prop. The largest self made halloween prop ever built at a residence in california. Definately the largest castle halloween prop ever built in Temecula, ca. I am not looking to recoop my costs or labor, just looking to give it a good home so MAKE OFFER. Comes with punishment stocks and a wagon also if wanted to make a full effect. You can drive a compact car or truck through the opening as it is 10' tall and 7' wide. My chevy s-10 pickup fits through it just fine. Will be parting it out for the lumber soon so make an offer before it is all gone.
For viewing or further pics contact James 951-491-1779 or [email protected]
$1.00 each