Bamboo CarbonizedHorizental Hardwood Flooring - $2.22


Carbonized Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Solid Bamboo Wood Flooring With Carbonized Horizental Stain
This is a Prefinished Solid Bamboo Hardwood Flooring with Horizental Carbonized Stain. The Bamboo Floors come with Flat, Smooth surface finish, coated with 8 Layers of Aluminm Oxide for durability, stability and protection for many years. This Solid Bamboo wood floors come with thickness of 5/8" inch, widths of 3-3/4" inches and with random lenth boards.

Wood Species

Wood Stain

Origin Country

Botanical Name

Board Lenth

Sutface Finish

Janka Hardness Score

Protective Finish

Manufacturer Warranty


Carbonized - Horizental


Phyllostachys, pubescens

37.8" (96.4 cm)



Aluminum Oxide
(8 coats)

10/25 years

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100% Solid Bamboo Wood Flooring

This Bamboo Flooring is made of 100% percent solid Bamboo wood. To read more about Bamboo Hardwood Flooring and Bamboo Wood please visit our Bamboo Hardwood Flooring Information Page and our Hardwood Flooring Academy
How To Install Carbonized Bamboo Flooring?

This Carbonized Bamboo Flooring can be installed by Nail Down, Staple Down or Glue Down Hardwood Flooring Installation Methods. To read more about Hardwood Flooring Installation please visit our Hardwood Flooring Installation Page

Know Where Your Bamboo Floors Come From
Carbonized Bamboo Wood Floors are made of the Bamboo Tree. To read more about Bamboo tree and the Bamboo wood please visit our Bamboo Wood Species Information Page
Match Hardwood Flooring Mouldings to This Floor
Looking for a Carbonized Bamboo Reducer Moulding to match to this floor? Or maybe a Stair Nosing with Carbonized Bamboo Stain? Please visit our Carbonized Bamboo Mouldings Page

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Available Flooring Widths:


3-3/4" (95.25 mm)


23.8 Sq/ft per Box (2.211 sq/m)

Board Thickness:

5/8" (15.875 mm)


3.99$ 2.15$ sq/ft


Bamboo Carbonized Horizental

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