Antique American Black Walnut Flooring - $1


An incredible discovery, the source material is from a building built in the Appalachian Mountains in Mt. Roan, Tennessee. Originally constructed as an Auction Barn, for the last twenty years or so of it's productive life, it was used as a "poultry" house. It then sat vacant for many, many more years. Finally, the building was purchased for salvage.

When the structure was being dismantled, under plywood floor decking covered in decades old dried chicken manure, the workers discovered a rough sawn material obviously cut from very large trees. Some of the wood was more than an inch thick, up to eleven inches wide, twelve feet long and had to have come from local trees which must have been present at the time of construction.

After closer inspection, they were stunned to realize it was some of the finest quality American Black Walnut they had ever seen. We estimate the trees had to be fully mature and the life span of American Black Walnut is up to 400 years. The quality of the wood and size of the planks points toward Old Growth trees hundreds of years old.

Presently in the same rough sawn condition in which it was found, we mill it into 3/4" X 6"-10" random widths X 6'-12' lengths tongue & groove flooring. Each order is custom made, and the wood is unfinished. The picture shown of the finished product has had two coats of water based polyurethane applied and nothing else. The beauty of this wood is almost beyond description and most people are speechless when they learn it only has been treated with polyurethane. It is architectural quality and could be used for producing custom furniture as well.

This offering is from a custom run of this material produced exclusively for a Palm Springs home which will be seen in "Architectural Digest".

Presently, there is roughly two thousand square feet in stock, with an option on additional quantities for a limited time. The price is per square foot and does not include shipping. Budget about $.50 per square foot for shipping. Once this wood is gone, there will be no more available.
$1.00 each