9" Antique Pine "Shiplap" - $1


In about 1923 at Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, Texas, several buildings were constructed. Some were dormitories, others were had different uses but all of them used 10" Wide Antique Pine

For anyone that isn't familiar with the term "shiplap", it refers to wood planks that were typically used as interior walls of old homes and buildings by placing them horizontally from floor to

ceiling over the 2 X 4 studs. With pine in short supply, and all of the high quality Long Leaf Pine gone, sheet rock was invented, and this method of constructing interior walls ended.

To create the finished interior wall, sizing was attached to the wood with tacks, and over that was hung wall paper. Then pictures or other decorations were added by hanging them on nails or hooks driven into the wood.

In some cases, this material was used as the "decking" on which roof shingles were nailed. In either case, the wood was milled to lap over the edge of each plank to create a smooth surface, much like the sides of old wooden ships. Hence, the name: "Shiplap".

As a result, all the naturally distressed marks from nails, tacks, etc are a part of the finish, once it is used as flooring.

The trees that provided this wood came from the very last of the Old Growth Long Leaf Pine in Louisiana and East Texas. In order to produce the widths and lengths of this material that we have in
stock, they had to have been 200 to 400 years old in 1923. This wood that has the tightest grain, and comes the heart of the tree, has about the same hardness rating as Red Oak. If you have any
questions, you are welcome to contact me at 214-342-3800.

I have attached pictures of both the raw product, which is what is available, and an example of what you can expect with the finished product once it has been sanded, stained and coated with water based polyurethane.

The boards are 3/4" thick and are 8' to 12' in length. You can purchase a minimum of 500 square feet of this material for $2.50 a square foot!
$1.00 each