Miracle Mira Brush Applicator and Tray - $1


Miracle Mira Brush Applicator and Tray
The Mira Brush and Applicator is a unique hand applicator designed for use with Miracle Sealants repellents and sealants. A foam reservoir disperses solution evenly onto the surface. In addition and NEW for 2010 is a convenient applicator tray for ease of application.
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Paint tray included
Can be used with Paint, Sealers and Enhacers
Special foam acts as a reservoir to disperse solution evenly onto surface
Pads provide a thin, non-streaking, lint free application of sealers
Exact combination of foam provide constant 100% contact with the surface and flexes to high and low points of the surface
Designed to apply all sealers, paints and enhancers
Size: 2-Inch W by 2-Inch D by 11-Inch H

Pour material to be applied to surface into the enclosed tray.
Dip Applicator into solution and apply surface in gentle, even strokes.
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