Miracle Sealants Grout Shield Sealer 70 oz - $1


Miracle Sealants Grout Shield Sealer 70 oz
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Miracle Grout Shield is a replacement for water when combined with traditional sanded grout.
Without relying on impurities in water, Miracle Grout Shield creates a consistent mixture every time and eliminates the need for sealing after drying. Combined with an industry leading warranty, why would you ever use water for your grout installations?
Grout Shield is a specialty sealer additive that mixes with cement-based grout instead of water to provide a stain resistant grout installation without any additional sealing. Perfect for interior and exterior use

Always Sample Testing

To be used with Sanded Grout
Interior & Exterior Use
Protects grout from staining
eliminates the need to seal the grout
20 year warranty
Easy To Use

Coverage: Follow grout manufacturer's published coverage.
Container Sizes: 70 oz
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