Global-Green PaintEnvironmentally Safe and Affordable) - $16


Primers & Sealers:
Our interior wall primers & sealers offer excellent adhesion & sealing qualities at an economical price point. Our exterior primer products afford excellent adhesion and filling properties to enhance any paint system.

Exterior Finishes:
Exterior Flat, Low-Sheen & Semi-Gloss performance based paints in both custom blends and in stock colors will be available on a regular basis. Our products will be quality controlled and designed to cover well with the painting professional in mind. These products are offered in both stock and custom blend colors.

Interior Finishes:
Interior Flat, Eggshell & Semi-gloss finishes in both standard formulation and low VOC formulations are stocked in a 6 color standard pallet (Custom Colors Available). These performance based products provide great coverage, good flow and leveling with high quality performance. These products are offered in both stock and custom blend colors.

This is a fantastic deal! Only $16 a gallon.

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This paint is:
Environmentally friendly
People friendly (low VOC)
Reduces your environmental impace
Reduces your carbon footprint
Diverts waste from landfills