Porcelain Towel Bar - $1


Porcelain Towel Bar
25 Standard colors- $24.99 and 8 Premium colors - $29.99

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Approx Size: 2 5/8" x 4 7/8" x 2 pieces
• Towel bars come with 24" plastic bar.
• Plastic bar is 24" and can be cut down.
Bathroom accessories are dominating showers around the world! Stone is finding its way back into the showers and with lot of style. Ceramic and travertine bring an old world charm into your showers and help you bask in the glory of the Mediterranean charm! The corner shelves and shower shelves will completely redefine your bathroom space!

How to repair or replace the bar of a Towel Bar
For cleaning, use only all purpose cleaners.
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$1.00 each