Un-Assembled Pumping Board Kits - $598


Un-Assembled Pumping Board Parts Kit WITHOUT Boiler is the ideal parts kit if you already have a heat source for your system. This parts kit is for the smaller sized Seisco Micro-Boilers, SH05, SH07, SH09, SH11, and SH-14-4 (17,060 - 47,780 BTU/h output). These kits also work well with other heat source applications.

Parts included in kit are: Pressure Relief Valve, Temperature and Pressure Gauge, Air Separator, Expansion Tank, System Circulator Pump, Brass Shut-Off Flange Set, Ball Valve with Fill Port, Thermostat, Transformer/Relay, Unistrut and Strut Clamps, Assembly Drawings, Wiring Drawings (both low and high voltage), and Filling and Purging Instructions.

NOTE: All you need to provide is the 3/4" straight copper pipe and 3/4" copper fittings as called out on the assembly drawings.

REMINDER: SH-05, SH-07, SH-09, SH-11 and SH-14-4 Seisco Micro-Boilers need to be ordered separately.
If, in the event of time of shipment, individual products pictured are unavailable, a substitution of equal or better quality will be shipped.