InvisaTread Anti-Slip Solution Outdoor Use - $1


InvisaTread® Anti-Slip Solution Outdoor Use
Available in 8oz -$25.00, Quart - $50.00, Gallon - $100.00, Pail - $450.00
InvisaTread Outdoors® is specifically designed and lab tested to maintain and increase COF, (Coefficient of Friction) so you can walk with confidence. InvisaTread ® is not a coating so it is not affected by ice melting salt or UV and will not change the appearance or apparent texture of most surfaces. Simply put, It’s the difference you can’t see!
The InvisaTread® family of products helps to protect against the risk of slip and fall accidents at home, at work and at play. InvisaTread® does not require professional application. Simply pour or spray on, let stand and RINSE AWAY! Protection is just that simple.
InvisaTread® has been lab tested to significantly increase slip resistance by raising the coefficient of friction (COF) on wet or dry surfaces without changing the color or apparent texture of most surfaces. Surfaces treated with InvisaTread® are just as easy to maintain as they were before. We recommend our cleaner / degreaser Traction Wash™ as it is formulated to not leave any residue that might reduce the increased COF.

InvisaTread® is not a coating, but rather a safe and effective process that works on most surfaces.
It is well known that slip & fall injuries around commercial spaces and outdoor areas are commonplace, yet no-one addresses these issues like InvisaTread®.
InvisaTread® is not a coating, but rather a safe and effective process that works on most surfaces.
• Home Garages • Commercial garages • Front walkways and other home entrances • Driveways • Outdoor Steps • Patios & Porches • Commercial office exterior entrances • Warehouse ramps and more...
Not effected by Snow Melting Salt
For a complete Traction Management System™, clean surfaces with Traction Wash prior to applying InvisaTread® Outdoors.
Not for use on polished marble. Test small hidden area first.
InvisaTread® is not suited for Polished Marble, Wood or Vinyl, always remember to test a small hidden area first.
8oz - covers approx 25sq ft Qt - covers approx 100 sq ft Gallon - covers approx 400 sq ft 5 Gallon - covers approx 2000 sq ft
InvisaTread Product Description - InvisaTread Application Instructions
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