Solar Tube and Sun Tunnel Skylights Rigid Tubes TMR/TGR VELUX - $1


Solar Tube and Sun Tunnel Skylights Installation and Repair Los Angeles, CA

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Size Options:
10″ Diameter tube – Hallways, Bathrooms, Closets, Laundry Rooms – 10″ Solar Tube provides approx 160 – 180 sq ft of light.
14″ Diameter tube – Kitchens, Living Rooms, Entry Ways, Dinning Rooms, Bedrooms, Larger Open Areas –
14″ Solar Tube provides approx 260 – 280 Sq ft of light

You can buy the skylights direct or we can do all Skylight Installations and Repairs. We do more Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights than any other solar tube.

Solar Tubes and Velux Sun Tunnels are an excellent way to get natural sunlight into parts of your home that don’t have any windows. They can be installed on almost any roof and can bring light into almost any room that is not located more than 20 feet from the roof deck. Using sun tunnels will save you money by reducing the amount of work your HVAC unit has to perform. Also widely known as a solar tube or tubular skylight, these skylights are one of the most popular home improvement projects being done right now. From the easy DIY installation to the long list of benefits, a velux sun tunnel can add a unique aspect of eco-friendly décor to your home. Tubular lighting is so versatile, the tubes can fit where standard skylights can’t, and they’re about a third of the cost of your classic skylight. They’re designed for all roof materials and pitches from flat up to an 60%.

Free Consultations and Quotes - CALL 310-910-9433
$1.00 each