Professional Notch TrowelsFlooring Trowels - $1


* Trowel ShapeV Notch Trowel 1/4
* V Notch Trowel 3/16
* Square Notch Trowel 1/16
* Square Notch Trowel 1/4
* U Notch Trowel 1/8

Professional Notch Trowels

Professional Notch Trowels are used to spread adhesive or mastic on the base surface before laying a Hardwood floor. The trowel's notch style and size help control the depth and amount of adhesive applied. These Notch Trowels are made with an aluminum mounting which is attached to a hard-tempered steel blade. The handle is straight and smooth, making it ideal for contractors and installers. Professional Notch Trowels Come in Different Sizes and Shapes
$1.00 each