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Product Description:

DURA SEALâ„¢ Super Base Sealer is a water borne, fast-drying, crystal clear sealer, specially formulated to provide an outstanding base coat for Dura SeaIâ„¢ 1000 Water Based Finishes. DURA SEALâ„¢ Super Base Sealer helps prevent tannin discoloration.

Product Use:
Surface Preparation:

Natural Floors:

Sand according to NOFMA or NWFA recommendations. Finish sanding with 120 or 150 grit screen. Do not use steel wool. Vacuum very thoroughly, then tack with a very lightly water dampened cloth to remove all dust.
Stained Floors:

Sand according to NOFMA or NWFA recommendations. Finish sanding with 100 grit screen (80 grit if white stain is used). Do not use steel wool. Apply stain following manufacturer's application and dry time instructions, spot test for compatibility. Make sure stain is thoroughly cured.


If high solids stain is used, before top coating, buff cured stain with a green synthetic pad, then tack with a water dampened cloth for best leveling and adhesion.


Make sure material is at room temperature. Invert container several times before each use. A synthetic bar applicator is recommended for even application of product, although a synthetic brush or lambs wool applicator may also be used. Best results are obtained at ambient temperatures between 50°F and 90°F, and at humidities below 80%.

1) Pour a 4-6" wide line of DURA SEALâ„¢ Super Base Sealer along the starting wall. Go with the direction of the floor or grain.

2) Pull the sealer with a clean, moistened applicator toward the other wall with an angled, squeegee motion. As you approach the wall, turn the applicator and pad out excess material parallel to the wet edge. Feather all turns, stopping and starting points.

3) Allow Sealer to dry 1-2 hours before applying finish coats.

Product Properties:

Dry Time:1-2 hours before applying finish coats

Coverage: Approximately 400-500 sq. ft. per gallon

Clean Up: Clean application tools with warm water immediately after use

Storage: Store at room temperature. Keep from freezing. If frozen, warm to room temperature and mix thoroughly before use

Physical Properties:

Resin Type: Styrene Acrylic

Density (LBS/GAL): 8.65

% Solids: 33.0

Viscosity - CPS: 75.0 cps (max.)

pH: 4.0

VOC (g/I): Less than 250 grams/litre or 2.1 lbs/gal
Flash Point: Greater than 200°F - Seta Flash

Hmis Rating:
Health: 2

Flammability: 0

Reactivity: 0


Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash thoroughly after use.



Size: Gal

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