Sonin Moisture Test Meter - $1


Sonin Moisture Test Meter

Moisture Test Meter

The SONIN Moisture Test Meter puts time, effort, and money saving professional quality within the reach of homeowners, do-it-yourselfers and small contractors at a value price. The Sonin Moisture Test Meter is the number one selling product of its kind in terms of unit sales. It retails for nearly a third of the price of comparable models. This Moisture Test Meter is a great tool for the professional contractor, inspector, or homeowner that needs an extremely affordable and accurate moisture-testing product. Sonin Moisture Test Meter will detect moisture in a range form 10% - 28% and has an easy to understand analog gauge. Anyone who needs to know if the surface is dry enough before they paint or stain needs this Moisture Test Meter.

Sonin Moisture Test Meter Features & Benefits

Contact probes are on a 3' coiled cable for detecting moisture in hard to reach spots.
The 10 point scale corresponds to moisture levels from 10-28%. Scale and reference chart correlate relative and moisture percentage readings.
Great for Inspectors, Contactors & Homeowners
Find out if potentially damaging excess moisture is present
Test hard or soft wood, concrete, plaster, carpet & more to determine the extent of moisture problems.
Locate and trace roof leaks & water seepage; assess the extent of wet rot & hidden condensation.
Use it to check surfaces before painting, wallpapering or laying floors or tile.
Helps you to select drier lumber.
Instruction sheet included
One Year Warranty
$1.00 each