Solid Block Air Vent Cover4 15/16 x 14 13/16 - $1


Chosen Air Vent Cover Sizes (Overall Dimension):

Size: 4-15/16" x 14-13/16" More Sizes
Duct Opening Size: 2-1/4" x 12"
Grill Works Solid Block Wood Air Vent Cover - Flush Model w/ Mitered Frame

The flush style Air Vent Cover is the perfect complement for a hardwood floor. Installed on the subfloor, it provides a clean, continuous look to your room and hardwood flooring. This Air Vent Cover is sized specifically to fit box within its' own frame. The Flush Style Air Vent Covers are also available in a model with an adjustable box damper. The Flush Style Air Vent Covers come in a White Oak, Red Oak and Maple species and may also be finished, unfinished or given a natural finish. This Model comes in a size of 4-15/16'' by 14-13/16''.

Wood SpeciesWhite Oak:

* Red Oak
* Maple ( +$4.00 )

Surface FinishUnfinished:
* Natural Finish ( +$10.00 )
* Satin ( +$16.00 )

Add a Damper?None
* Adjustable Box Damper ( +$10.00 )
$1.00 each