PowerNail PowerJack Model 100Flooring Jack - $1


PowerNail PowerJack Model 100

PowerNail Flooring Jack

The PowerNail Powerjack Model 100 flooring jack is a professional tool offering a durable design capable of standing up to the rigors of daily use. PowerJack 100 is constructed of the best materials available and made in the USA, it is a quality tool designed for use by professional installers.

PowerNail PowerJack Model 100 Functions & Purposes

The PowerNail Powerjack 100 Flooring Jack is designed to pull crooked strip flooring into place for nailing and keep it in place without the need to hold it in position. It frees you and your hands for nailing.PowerNail PowerJack 100 will work on any thickness flooring without damaging the flooring surface. It can be used next to the wall at stud locations or anywhere on the floor.

PowerNail PowerJack Model 100 Features & Benefits

Speeds up installation - Save time
Eliminate pry bars or crowbars
Help build a better floor
Make your job easier
Increase your profits
$1.00 each