Clarke Disc Sander 1600DCClarke Floor Sander w/ Dust Control - $1


Clarke Disc Sander 1600DC

Clarke Disc Sander 1600DC is designed specifically for the needs of Hardwood flooring. The added weight and balanced design of this disc sander provide an aggressive sanding, high productivity and an overall smooth operation. The Sander 1600DC takes a unique approach at the rotary method of sanding and screening. The Sander 1600DC features unique skirting and baffling for dust free operation when used in conjunction with any standard tank vacuum.

Clarke Disc Sander 1600DC Specifications

Motor HP: 1-1/2 hp
Motor Volts (AC): 115/230 volts - 50/60hz
Sandpaper Size: 16" Disc w/ 2" Center Hole
Disc Speed: 175 rpm
Transmission: Triple planetary gears
Power Cable: 50' 14ga-3 rubber coated
Wheels: 5" self-storing
Wheel base: 12"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 148 lbs.
Warranty: 5 Year Parts & Labor
Clarke Disc Sander 1600DC Features & Benefits

Fully enclosed 1.5 HP fan cooled motor.
Fluorescent work light for better monitoring of sanding progress.
Triple planetary gear system for efficient transfer of power to the floor.
Ergonomic handle design for increased operator comfort.
Balanced pad driver for smoother operation.
$1.00 each