Laminate MoldingEnd Cap Molding 95 inches - $1


Laminate Moldings - End Cap

End Cap Laminate Moldings are used at exterior doorways to finish the space where the Laminate Floor ends and a new type of flooring begins. Laminate End Cap Moldings can also be used to create a transition area between a laminate floor and a carpet. Laminate End Cap Moldings may also be used as the finishing touch on the Laminate flooring edge at outside doors. This Laminate End Cap Molding comes in a Country Oak, Ebony, Exotic Walnut, Rustic Olive, Cherry(Brazilian, Reclaimed and Romantic), Mocha, Lace, Natural Maple, Canadian Maple, Country Beech, Natural Beech, Mahogany, Red Alder and Burma Teak styles.
$1.00 each