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Bamboo Natural Horizontal Wood Mouldings

Natural Bamboo Horizontal Reducer Moulding is used primarily to make transitions in thickness from wood floor down to thinner or thicker surface (hard tile or carpet), generally at door openings. This Prefinished Natural Horizontal Bamboo Reducer joins hardwood floor with floors of different heights such as vinyl, ceramic tile or low pile carpeting.

Bamboo Natural Horizontal Reducer Moulding

Wood Species: Bamboo
Molding Stain: Carbonized Horizontal
Origin Country: China
Botanical Name: Phyllostachys, pubescens
Surface Finish: Prefinished
Maximum Thickness: 9/16" (14.2875 mm)
Maximum Width: 2-1/4" (57.15 mm)
Moulding Length: 72" (1.82 m)
Janka Hardness Score: 1400
Protective Finish: Aluminum Oxide (8 coats)

Know Where Your Natural Horizontal Bamboo Moulding Come From

Natural Bamboo Mouldings are made of the Bamboo Tree. To read more about Bamboo tree and the Bamboo wood please visit our Bamboo Wood Species Information Page
How To Install Bamboo Natural Horizontal Reducer Moulding

This Natural Horizontal Bamboo Reducer Moulding is available in tongue and groove configuration, for easy connection to the hardwood floors. To connect the Natural Horizontal bamboo reducer moulding with a glue down flooring installation, apply glue to the front edge of the Natural bamboo moulding as recommended by the Manufacturer. Apply one or two 1/4 inch beads of construction adhesive to the subfloor and seat the Natural Horizontal bamboo moulding in place. If you are using the nail down / staple down installation method, we are strongly recommend the pre-drilling of the Natural bamboo Horizontal moulding to prevent splitting. To assure a flush surface in any glue down installation, it is recommended that the moulding be taped to the floor while the glue is setting up.

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