Base Shoe Cherry MouldingNatural Cherry - $1


Cherry Wood Mouldings

Base-Shoe Cherry Moulding is used as a finish between the finished wall and the cherry hardwood floor. This Refinished Base-Shoe Cherry Moulding can be used to protect the wall and "picture-frame" the cherry wood floor. This base shoe cherry moulding can also be used as a transition between tight spot vertical surfaces in which a Wall Base Moulding will not fit. Base Shoe Cherry Moulding is also used as a substitute for Quarter Round, in case a lower profile moulding is needed to preserve an existing Wall Base molding.

Base Shoe Cherry Moulding

Wood Species: American Cherry
Molding Stain: Natural Cherry
Origin Country: United States
Botanical Name: prunus serotina
Surface Finish: Prefinished
Maximum Thickness: 3/4" (19.05 mm)
Maximum Width: 1/2" (12.7 mm)
Moulding Length: 96" (2.438 m)
Janka Hardness Score: 950
Protective Finish: Aluminum Oxide (8 coats)

Know Where Your Cherry Moulding Come From

Cherry Mouldings are made of the Black Cherry Tree. To read more about Cherry tree and the American / Black Cherry wood please visit our
Black Cherry Wood Species Information Page

How To Install Base Shoe Cherry Moulding

This Base-Shoe Cherry Moulding must be installed after the hardwood flooring installation is done. Don't forget to leave enough space between the cherry moulding and the cherry hardwood floors. The cherry wood moulding acts exactly as a solid wood floors and need some space to expand and contract with time. This base-shoe cherry moulding needs to be fastened to the base wall or the wall itself and not to the cherry wood floors. We recommend drilling the cherry molding first, to avoid splitting of the hardwood moulding.

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