Giant BallsSpheres, Orbs, Globes...For the Garden, for Gazing20 - $0


This is Re-use in wine country!
Because these are Recycled, and Re-claimed Wine Barrel Hoops. Each one shrinks that footprint we need to reduce, they're Zero Emission

Our new Giant spheres are nearly twice the size, 40" our standard spheres (average of 22" across). the bottom right picture is of a 40" giant garden sphere. they are $60 or $70 if you'd like them painted and ready to hang...all the other spheres are still just $20...
read on!

Each and every Garden Ball (Sphere, them what you like)... will look great just sitting on your lawn; or placed anywhere you find pleasing.

They are also a perfect topiary form; train your vines and climbing plants into a big living ball of flora.

If you hang them from a tree, they'll spin in the wind!

for a few dollars more, you can specifically request a Hanging Ball; they come with special hardware for hanging from a tree, or anywhere.

Another option is to have your ball on one of our new hand made Wine Barrel Stave Stands; naturally stained by the wine they once held!
If you'd like yours tree'd, or hanging from something, or just can't find the time to pick them needn't worry!

for little cost, prompt delivery and installation services are available

$20 each is the new summer price. if you'd like them painted, it's a few dollars more; but have the kids paint ''ll get them outdoors!

The price for a Sphere with a stand is $45. they can be delivered and installed locally for just $20 more.
If you are picking them up, don't worry. These Garden Balls collapse easily for transport!
(they accordion together)
to see more and larger pictures, go to You can email or give me a call,

and, please try to keep me in mind if you have any deceased wine barrel planters, or barrel hoops that have overstayed their welcome. I'll be happy to come get them.