New Doors Hotel/Commercial50100 value to575Bulk Purch) - $1


Over 7.5 million dollars in building materials purchased from incompleted custom home and 5-star resort hotel development projects. Materials are Brand New and sold at 75% - 85% below retail (Bulk Purchase Required)

Delivery is available.

Developers and contractors don't miss this opportunity to save HUGE SAVINGS!!! Example - Shower enclosures retail $780 (10 mm) enclosures for just $150. Need over 500+ pay just $100 including high quality hinges, shower door pulls and towel bars.

HUGE selection of doors valued up to $576---Pay $50-$100

Materials include: Flooring, (rhomboid tumbled travertine, ceramic, marble, & granite, slate), adhesives, lighting (wall sconces, dining room lighting, chandeliers, bathroom vanity lighting), stove tops, convection ovens, closet organizers, bathtubs, vanity cabinets, shower enclosures, tub enclosures, closet organizers, wood door & wood carcass kitchen cabinets, marble planters, oak stair rails & ballasters, entry doors, bathroom doors, hotel doors, pocket doors, authentic cut stone siding, bathroom accesories (toilet paper holders, brushed nickel towel bars, chrome towel bars, shower door pulls, glass decor shelves, bathrobe hooks, faucets, gas valves, bathroom vanity cabinets), crown molding, romario stone tile, cherrywood decor cabinets, microwave stands, door locks, soap pumps, stainless steel sinks, porcelain sinks, etched glass, etc. etc.

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$1.00 each