Granite counter top SALE(premium materials with variety selections) - $120


ALL HOME OWNER AND FABRICATORS! we have great size good Quality granite slabs in very LOW PRICE on SALE

This Kashmir White per-fab counter top only cost you $ 120

*3/4" thickness and have rounded 1-1/2" bull nose on finished edges*
*These are mostly higher end granite colors not those basic colors from China!!

-if you do write me a email please address you best contact number to ensure that you are a real buyer thank you
-Please look at the photos carefully welcome to come in and take look, make appointment by reach me at office numuber.

unfortunately craigslist limited photo posting to 4 photos, please e-mail me i will send you the rest of photo through e-mail.
those 4 photo appeared shown as:
Kashmir White
Green Marinace
Golden Wave
Tropical Brown

(((more sale salbs...)))
Tan Brown
Silver Sea Green
Golden Leaf
Tropical Green

At Cornerstone Marble & Granite INC we stock around 200 different color in variety collections. as a wholesale company we also offer all our material in an very competitive price.

Due to the fact most our customer have greater demand on slabs (12slabs 1 bundle), in term's we have excess left over slabs from pervious bundles. Therefore i am able to give out those slabs in very low prices, the slabs are all in perfact condition, with polished front surface no cracks in full sheet size!! we also have lots broken granite pieces i can get them out from as low as $50 to $100, it could be a smart choice for you if you have small bathroom.

Please look at the photos carefully welcome to come in and take look, make appointment by calling me. 408-668-5119

Kevin Hsieh
CornerStone Marble & Granite
14266 Catalina st.
San Leandro, CA 94577
cell (408) 668-5119

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