Wow Hardwood Floor Cleaning System Kit - $39.99


Wow Hardwood Floor Cleaning System Kit
Kit includes; 1. Wow Wood Floor Cleaner Quart 1. Heavy Duty Aluminum Mop 1. Microfiber Cleaning Pad.
It is simply the best hardwood floor cleaning system on the market. Include a durable constructed mop with microfiber cleaning strips built-in for braking up dirt and grime. Incredible streak free cleaning power when using WOW Wood Floor Cleaning
Wow Wood Floor Cleaner Quart
WOW! Really does work on wood and laminate floors! This safe, no-rinse, fast drying formula cleans like magic. Ready to use.
Simply spray WOW onto any 4’ x 6’ area of your Hardwood or Laminate floor and wipe dry with clean cloth, or spray directly onto your mop cover and use to wipe area clean. Continue on to next area. When cloth or mop covers become soiled replace with clean ones, for stubborn spot, spray directly onto area and wipe dry.
Heavy Duty Aluminum Mop
• Easy Grip Handle with Hanging Hook. • Sturdy Aluminum Adjustable Pole. • Durable Swivel Hinge. • 16" Heavy Duty Aluminum Mop Head. • 2 Stage pole expands with simple twist and tighten action.
Microfiber Cleaning Pad.
Microfiber Cleaning Pad with effective cleaning strips that cut through dirt and grime. Electrostatic action stracts dirt and absorbs it.
Microfiber Cleaning Pad with built-in Cleaning Strips Remove easily with Velcro closures and is washable for re-us

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