Pure Asphalt PureStick84Wood Floor Mastic - $1


Pure Asphalt PureStick #84 - Wood Floor Mastic

Pure Asphalt PureStick #84 - Wood Floor Mastic is a waterproof wood floor mastic. This wood floor mastic is designed specifically to glue-down plywood over a concrete sub floor.

Pure Asphalt PureStick #84 Features & Benefits

Permanent bond
Easy Application - Very easily applied with a trowel
High Density - Absorbs noise for better soundproofing
Waterproof - Protects against moisture and vapor transmission
Rubberized - Flexible movement without losing a bond
Applied Cold - no need for kettles or intense heat
No chlorinated solvent
Long tack period
Pure Asphalt PureStick #84 Specifications

Bucket Size: 5 Gal. Buckets (18.927L)

Pure Asphalt PureStick #84 Installation Instructions

Uses And Application

If necessary prime surface with Pure Stick No. 80 Primer. Apply a skim coat of mastic with a straight edge trowel and let cure for a minimum of two hours. Roll out a 4-6mil polyethlene film or 15 lb. felt overlapping the edges 4-6" and allowing enough to extend under the baseboard on all sides. Roll out or walk on the film or felt until it is completely smooth. Apply another thin coat of adhesive and allow to cure for a minimum of two hours, then roll out a second layer of 4-6mil polyethylene or 15 lb. felt. Nail plywood to form a flat uniform surface. Application instructions of Wood Floor Manufacturer take precedence; follow in close detail.

Surface Preparation

Concrete floors must be dry and minimum of 35 days old. Floor must have a good float finish or equal and be sound level and clean. All surfaces should be clean and dry. Do not thin.

Working Conditions

Work area should be well ventilated. Adhesive should be applied when the room temperature is a minimum of 65 degrees F. Store adhesives in a warm place - do not heat or add solvents.

Clean Up

Clean up tools with mineral spirits; taking necessary precaution necessary for handling combustible materials. Stains can be removed with a biodegradable cleaner. Use waterless.
$1.00 each