Bona Hardwood Floor Care System - $1


Bona Hardwood Floor Care System

Within this Hardwood Floor Care System is everything you need for the easy and safe cleaning of your polyurethane-finished Hardwood Floor. Uses an Advanced Microfiber floor cleaning technology.

Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Care System

Bona Hardwood Floor Care System Contains:

Specially-designed Bona MicroPlus mophead with 3-pc. pole. The Bona MicroPlus mop's low profile and easy-to-maneuver swivel-head makes it the perfect cleaning tool for hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture and cabinets, around doors or in tight corners.
Washable MicroPlus cleaning pad with dust absorbing microfiber. hook & loop strips make changing the pad effortless. Reusable up to 300 washes.
32 oz. spray bottle of Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Hardwood Floor Care Guide
$1.00 each