Bortz Wood Bleach - $1


Bortz Wood Bleach

Bortz Wood Bleach Solution is used to lighten the appearance of your Hardwood Flooring. A white wash stain can be added to the Hardwood, once the Bortz Bleach Solution has been applied, giving it a nice whitened look. Bortz Wood Bleach Solution can also be used to clean pet, food and traffic stains on your hardwood flooring.

Bortz Wood Bleaching System Functions & Purposes

Bortz Wood Bleach is designed to remove the natural color from bare wood. The wood bleaching process minimizes the color variations in like woods, so that a more uniform appearance can be achieved when staining and finishing wood. Wood Bleach is not intended to remove pigmented stains or dyes. Bortz Wood Bleach will lighten or remove some stains, but not entirely. Using Bortz Wood Bleach can lighten weathered wood and wood that has turned gray from being outdoors. Keep in mind, Wood Bleach is not a wood cleaner and will not restore the original wood color.

Bortz Wood Bleaching System Features & Benefits

Easy-to-use kit
Lightens stripped or unfinished wood
Prepares wood for staining
$1.00 each