DriTac Engineered Wood Floor Repair Kit - $1


DriTac Wood Floor Repair Kit

DriTac has developed a system to repair the hollow spots and popping conditions that occur within engineered hardwood flooring installations. These defects cost the flooring industry millions of dollars per year. Studies and experience show that a major cause of these problems occurring in engineered hardwood floor installations are adhesive voids between the flooring and the sub floor.

DriTac Engineered Flooring Repair Kit Features & Benefits

Repairs hollow spots, endlifting and loose areas
Floor can be walked on immediately after repair
No need to weigh down the repaired area
Easy clean-up with damp cloth
Repair is quick and low cost
Self-contained and highly portable
DriTac Engineered Flooring Repair Kit Contains:

1 Quart of DriTac Repair Adhesive
1 - 60cc. Plastic Syringe
2 - Metal Applicator Tips
2 - Drill Bits
8 - Dowels
1 - Dowel Punch
$1.00 each