Preformed shower pan, Ready to Tile Shower Pans - $0


Preformed shower pan, Ready to Tile Shower Pans
10 different Metal square shower drain available
Our preformed shower pans warranty for 35 years
Installed in minutes
in stock - Ship same Day
The curbs are placed on the 2nd listed dimension above (to have the curb on other dimension please allow 5 days, no extra charge)
Curb sizes: front high 5 3/8" - inside curb high 2" - top curb 3 3/8"
All drains are made of PVC or ABS
Use any thin-set setting material for installation
Our PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Pan is a Ready for Tile waterproof shower pan that can be installed in minutes,
which reduces the time and labor involved with the old mud bed methods.
It is lightweight and has a built-in drain connection, so it's ultra-easy to handle and install.
The material used to construct our PreFormed Shower Pan is 100% waterproof, and is rot resistant.
- Waterproof, is rot resistant
- Light weight easy to handle and install
- Time and labor savings
- Can be installed and tiled in the same day
- Drain assembly, and curb included
- No special training necessary
- Custom sizes can be ordered
- For use with any tile or stone
- Sloped per industry standards
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PreFormed Ready made shower pan ready for tile Installation

Easy, Waterproof, Worry Free. The difference is CLEAR.
The "Anywhere" Solution
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