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PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Curb
Ready to Tile Components
Available 36" - 48” 96” and cut to order
PreFormedâ„¢ Curb components are simple, fast and easy to install. Whether your job calls for PVC pan liners or hot-tarred and leaded-in waterproof membranes, PreFormedâ„¢ Curb components are a perfect fit.
It is easy to achieve watertight and durable curbs as a worry free process with PreFormedâ„¢ Curbs.

Time savings equate to cost savings.

A professional finish can be achieved every time. Pre-slope is required under all shower pans.
PreFormed™ Curbs are manufactured to allow for this industry standard. Professional…..

Waterproof — never rots or degrades

Excellent for cut-to-fit site applications

Never rots or degrades

Time saving… Waterproof… Worry Free. The difference is CLEAR.
1. Install PreFormedâ„¢ 102 slope taperboards. (See PreFormedâ„¢ 102 Slope instructions)

2. Install waterproof membrane or shower pan liner, over curb superstructure, waterproofing the shower floor.

3. Cut the PreFormedâ„¢ 202 curb to opening dimensions.

4. Coat inside of curb with thinset mortar and place over pan liner.

5. Make sure curb rests completely on superstructure with thinset coating to provide a leveling and/or supporting plane.

6. After curb is leveled, place nail/washer fasteners only through outside apron of curb. Do not nail on the inside surface of the curb.

7. Seal with a Latex Polymer Liquid Waterproof Membrane at all wall and pan liner interfaces.

8. Install tile. :)
PreFormedâ„¢201 Curb (Standard Dimensions)

Available 36" - 48” 96” and cut to order
Interior Dimension :
Top 3 1/2"
Wall A - 4 1/4" Wall B -3 3/4"
Exterior Dimension :
Top 4 5/8"
Wall A - 4 3/4" Wall B - 4 3/8"
PreFormed Ready to Tile
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