Grout Grabber Kit and Replacement Blade - $23.99


Grout Grabber Kit and Grout Grabber Replacement Blades
The Grout Grabber adapter fits in most common reciprocating saws.
Remove grout easily from Walls Floors, Counter tops, Bathrooms, All tile surfaces, Commercial and Residential
The Grout Grabber tool removes grout with ease, and accommodates any joint size ranging from 1/8" up to 1/2" by simply adding or subtracting replacement blades.
The blade’s unique curve easily gets the removal started. The tool also works for removing thin-set that may have come through the grout joints.
The carbide grit is cost effective and lasts approximately 200 linear feet per blade. It also comes in a new ready to display package.
The adapter fits into most reciprocating saws.
Grout Grabber Kit Includes:
• 1 Adapter • 1 Carbide Grit Blade • 1 Allen Wrench • All Hardware
Turn a reciprocating saw into a grout removal tool by simply using the Grout Grabber adapter along with the sawing action to remove grout quickly from any tiled surface.
Complete Re-grout
Remove Cracked Grout
Change Grout Color
Repair Broken Tile
Restoration Work
Removal of Excess Thinset
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