craftsman tube wood lathes reworked - $1


i repair all brands of wood tube lathes ill take your rusty old tube & rework it so it runs like new; maybe better, clean any parts you want up so they work better; now rust does pit & leave stains, but it will slide as good or better than new when im done. So maybe you can get turning again or start with a handy down lathe you got ? 50.00 up one week or less turn-over.I have some pics of the kind of lathes i work with call 847-356-7817 P.S> i can also custom cut your lathe to a smaller size LIKE FOR A PEN MAKING LATHE so YOU dont NEED to spend 100.00S of dollars for a new smaller lathe. cost 20.00 to 25.00. call 847-356-7817.