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Quickstep Wild Maple Natural Laminate Flooring
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Product Code U-1014
Species Maple Effect
Style Plank
Install Type Uniclic
Dimensions 9.5mm Thick x 156mm Width x 1380mm Length

The functionality and quality of a quickstep floor is, as you might expect, a top consideration. The single, double or triple plank designs are the focal point of a durable interior.

With the trendy classic impression designs the transition between the floor panels is more accentuated.

•Hygienic surface - Quick-Step is the hygienic floor covering par excellence. It's ideal for toddlers.
•Easy-clean - Quick-Step laminate is not only easy to clean; the sealed surface prevents bacteria accumulating on the floor.
•Antistatic - Every Quick-Step floor undergoes a unique, permanent antistatic treatment. That makes disruptive electrostatic discharges nothing more than a bad memory. It also makes the floor highly suited for use in offices and shops. (According to EN 14041, the discharge is ≤ 2.0kV at 23C and 25% RH)
•Uniclic Lifetime warranty - Stringent testing and controls guarantee the quality of Quick-Step laminate. That's why Quick-Step provides a lifetime warranty on the Uniclic system. *For the first installation and the first owner - See the warranty terms and conditions

Quickstep Country brings the traditions of the artisans to an affordable level. To the touch you would swear that traditional materials have been used to create a genuine pastoral style.

You see and you sense the hand of a master-craftsman in every plank, which exudes an exclusive, traditional aura. Every plank has recessed edges and what's more the planks are 9.5mm which ensures you get a more solid sound and luxurious sensation.

•Quick-Step® Mastercore - Quick-Step® Master Core is the heart of Quick-Step® laminate. The quality of this HDF board – made in-house – exceeds the current EN standards. This tough core makes Quick-Step® the strong laminate floor, highly resistant to most falling objects and high heels.
•25 Year warranty - Stringent testing and controls guarantee the quality of Quick-Step® laminate. That's why Quick- Step® gives a 25 year warranty on wear resistance. *See the warranty terms and conditions
•Scratch Guard - Wear and scratch-resistant Scratch Guard technology is the ultimate result of years of research and investment in the field of durability. The benefits are immediately obvious: the top layer of your floor has extra protection, so that you can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking floor for even longer.
•Use on floor heating - Your Quick-Step® floor can be easily combined with floor heating. Here too the floor is installed as a sprung or floating floor. Always remember to choose the right underfloor though. Please refer Quickstep website for additional advice.

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