York AC and Heat System, 5 Year Factory Warranty - $850


5 year warranty that starts once you install and register.

Gas furnace, 57000 BTU with 13 Seer, 3 ton condenser unit.

Only 1 year old and in GREAT condition. These units are $3200 brand new!

Email or Call Gus at 520-444-7319.

I have many of these units and can offer a discount on bulk sales.

This comes with everything you need to heat and cool your house! You won't get nickeled and dimed for the needed accessories:
air intake sleeve new cost $60 value
filter box with factory washable filter $125 value
air exhaust sleeve $35 value
condensation trap and evaporator $90 value
condensation drain kit $25 value
gas feed line $15 value
copper pigtails $30 value
110 V furnace cord $15 value
thermostat feed $10 value
electrical shutoff box(midwest box), and 240V electrical pigtail $90 value
Already charged with Freon. $50 value