Mosaiced Incense Burner - $60


With just a simple key ring and a stick of your favorite incense, you can have the wonderful smell you enjoy Without the ash falling all over the place :)

I made this mosaic incense burner in 2008, (signed and dated at the bottom). Its actually a thick, light green wine bottle, so if in the window, the beautiful white and blue-green glass takes on a whole new look and feel with the sun shining through it.

The bottle is 12 inches tall and 5 inches at its widest. Also has 2 bands of mirror blue teal glass in a ring around the bottle. Every once in a while, give it a rinse out with soap and water and its good as new.

I don't repeat my pieces, so its one of a kind from my hands to your place. If you live in Portland, OR, will deliver it with additional transportation cost. Also will ship across country (shipping cost will be included and you can pay through paypal). Can also meet in Portland, OR if near by to pay and have this piece.

Easiest way to reach me is call, 917.345.7731

Thank You for stopping by