Enza Washer Balls FDA approved natural laundry soap replacement - $1


Call 800-929-2722 for Free Shipping on (2) Enza Washer Balls are an FDA approved all natural, allergy free laundry detergent and soap replacement for sensitive skin. Washes 1500 loads of laundry with no chemicals.

- Alters the PH level of the water for natural bleaching and softening action
- Sterilizes harmful bacteria & absorbs the impurities & harmful heavy metals
- Ionizes the wash water to effectively penetrate all types of clothes
- Removes oxidation from the wash water protecting colors and fabric

Other Natural Cleaning Products:
- Septic-Helper 2000
- Enza-Clene Drain Line Cleaner
- Enza-Clene Tub and Tile
- Enza-Clene Pet Stain and Odor Remover

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$1.00 each