Paint and Rust removal discs - $0


3” x 1/2” x 1/4” Premium Quality Surface-Strip Fixed Spindle Disc For Easy Rust and Paint Removal

•Items are Brand New In Original Packaging
•Diameter: 3”
•Thickness: 1/2"
•Spindle: 1/4” Shank
•Density: Standard Density
•Material: Non-Woven Silicon Carbide Abrasive
•Excellent Quality, Stands Up To/Surpasses Similar Products From Major International Labels in Testing
•For Use on Portable Tools
•Perfect For Cleaning large surfaces quickly without harming the working surface
•You can quite literally take the paint off a coke can without disturbing the metal
•Manufactured in accordance with German MPA Standards
•Exceed ANSI Safety Requirements
•Suggested Retail Price: $12.72 each ($127.20 for a box of 10)

High Performance Rust and Paint Removal Disc!!!


Don’t be fooled by poorly constructed, cheap imitations claiming to offer you the same level of quality. These surface conditioning discs have been engineered to stand up to stringent European standards. In tests this product has stood up to or surpassed many of the most recognizable brand names in the construction and automotive business, worldwide. Why pay more for the same quality?? Our quality strip discs offer a long service life, maximized removal, shorter work time, low noise and ZERO loading!!!

•Cleans Large Surfaces quickly and quietly
•Grinds in corners. On contours and hard to reach areas
•Faster and safer than wire brushes and wheels
•Cleans surface with no damage
•Strip paint from steel plates without leaving scratches
•Weld splatter
•Gasket cleaning
•Light cleaning of hard woods
•Epoxy Removal on brick and concrete surfaces
•Remove undercoating, stone guards, seam sealers and rust on truck bed or under carriage