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Glaze n Seal Paver Sealer - Gallon
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The ideal one step, easy to apply, product for sealing interlocking concrete pavers and stabilizing joint sand by locking in place.
This state of the art formula offers exceptional stain resistance (even against oil and grease), resists color fading, efflorescence, weeds and mildew growth ion the surface providing long-lasting protection and beauty.
this unique formula, makes it easy to clean, maintain and even reapply the sealer to refresh the surface as needed.
Paver Sealer is part of Glaze n Seal Advances Stone Care line of products to protect, maintain, and restore marble, granite, limestone and other fine stone.
This “state of the art" product line includes sealer, polishes, cleaners and restoration products.
All products are effective, safe to use and easy to use.
Special Features.
• Resists oil, grease and rust stains.
• Locks sand between paver joints.
• Reduces efflorescence and freeze thaw effects
• Clean up with water
• Non-flammable and no harmful vapors
• Prevents weed growth
• Resists acid rain
Application Procedure
Use garden-type sprayer, low pressure airless sprayer, natural bristle brush, short nap roller or squeegee for application.
Apply one coat in liberal saturating manner so that joints are saturated with Paver Sealer.
Ensure that all joints are flooded to maximize sealer soaking into the dry sand.
Roll back or squeegee any excess product to avoid puddling on the surface.
allow additional drying time in moist, cool climates.
An optional second coat may be applied after two hours if desired to increase protection and gloss.
For added slip resistance Glaze n Seal Grip n Seal slip resistance additive may be added to the second coat sealer.

Prior to the application of Glaze N Seal products, surface must be thoroughly clean and dry.
Remove all dirt, oil, grease, paint, efflorescence and surface sealers. General cleaning may be done using Glaze N SealHeacy Duty Cleaner for Concrete and Masonry.
For efflorescence stains use Glaze n Seal efflorescence Remover.
When acid has been used for specific instructions and cautions with any cleaner.
Never mix cleaner.
Allow at least 24 hours of drying time before sealing (48 hours if power washing has been done or if temperature is cool).
New concrete pavers should cure 14 days or more before sealing.
Applying sealer to a damp or incompletely cured surface may cause a hazy appearance or loss of adhesion.
After temping don the joint sand and sweeping the application area clean be sure the sand is at least 1/8 inch below the surface of the pavers.
The sand should be dry to it's full depth before sealing for best results.
Note: Before applying Glaze N Seal products to the entire surface, TEST several small areas to verify the product's appearance, penetration and protective ability.
75 to 150 square feet per gallon depending on porosity of surface and method of application.
Apply in temperatures between 45° and 90° F. Air and surface temperature should be above 45° F for 24 hours before and after sealing.
Clean up applicators with water immediately after use.
Do not apply this sealer to area where sealer will be immersed such as fountains, pools or below grade areas.
Do not use on porcelain, polished stone, granite or marble.
Safety Information
CAUTION, Liquid contact with eyes and skin causes irritation.
Do not ingest. Wash hands thoroughly after use.
FIRST AID: Should eyes contact occur, flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes. if irritation persists get medical attention.
for skin contact flush skin with plenty of soap and water.
if irritation persists get medical attention. if swallowed get medical attention immediately.
Do not induce vomiting.

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